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Buying YouTube Views is the best way to make your channel stand out and attract more fans.Since the time Google Acquired YTube, they have invested a lot in it making it the number 1 video site on the web. Now everyone is rushing to have piece of the pie. Whether its an artist who want his reach out to his/her fans or a company reaching out its clients, YTube is the place to be. It has been proven beyond reasonable doubt to be on of the most popular marketing available. Being the number 2 most popular site after Google and Facebook and Number two Most popular Search engine after Google.

There are several ways of promoting a video or channel. Some are Legal others are against the terms of service you agree on when signing up. Its important in whatever you do you ensure that for follow the YTube Terms Of Service otherwise all your efforts may go to waste when the video or channel is banned, therefore only buy real YouTube views. We only deal with legit ways of promoting your channel or video, that is through real humans, manual process no bots or software’s therefore have confidence in us as you buy YouTube comments.

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Getting a big fan base is one of the most fundamental ways of promoting your channel and videos, obviously you need buy real You Tube Subscribers . However many suppliers selling fake profiles which add no value to you. What sets us apart is that, we have a big network of real people who carries out the simple tasks that we give them in exchange of tokens inform of points so you are buying YouTube Subscribers from real people. Therefore we ensure that all your Audience will be real humans from our network.
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Other Services That We offer
Buy YouTube Views
buy youtube Views

From the same network mentioned above we also offer you a chance to purchase YouTube views.
This is a network of real humans thus no fake views or bots.
Be assured that our views are 100% safe and not of our customers has ever complained or landed in trouble with YTube .
Our services are very anonymous and safe. We value your privacy and the fact that no one should know that you used our services.
Everything will be very natural and safe to your channel and video.
We will start watching your video within a few minutes after you place your order.
Your order will take 1 to 5 days. You may advise us otherwise via the comment/remarks box

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Buy YouTube Comments
Buy YouTube Comments


  • We always watch the video before making positive Comments about the video.
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  • Your Video will get comments from Mostly US and Europe.
  • All comments will be in English, We can only make comments in other languages if you send us your own list.
  • For big orders you may request the comments to be gender specific or even country specific.


You are welcome to send us your own list of custom comments. Send the list to us via sales at buyingyoutubesubscribers at com include your transaction ID in the email and we’ll match them up.
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  • Would you like real humans to watch and like it? This is why you will exactly get after you buy likes.
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IS My Channel safe with your Services?
Yes Your Channel is 100% safe with our services since we only offer manual services from real people. Non of our customers has ever complained that their video has been deleted. Unlike our Competitors services where they put your videos in risk by using Bots and Softwares. It is important not to mix our services with any other service from other providers.
Do You Offer Money Back Guarantee?
Yes all our Services are backed up by a 100% money back Guarantee, if we fail to deliver, we will offer you full refund. However if in case for any request a refund for a halfway complete order, we can only refund for the job not done depending on the case to case bases, e.g. may be we delayed delivering an order etc. kindly contact us via the contact form or the email given below. All our payments are processed by PayPal Thus rest assured that we Mean what we say.

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How long Will it Take?
It takes 1 to 5 days to get all your subscribers. You may choose to have them distributed for more days. Just indicate that on the comment/remarks box.
How long does it take before you Commence working on my order?
We will start working on new order as soon as you place it. Thus you’ll start seeing subs increasing in less than 1 hours.
Where Will The Subs Come from?

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You will get Subs mostly from US and Europe.
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